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What Is the Importance of Visual Identity for your Business?

When you hear the word search engine, is it the first thing that comes to mind Google search engine with its logo in the Shape of the letter " G " and its colors blue, red, green and yellow? What made the Google logo more engraved in our minds than any other search engine logo? There is no doubt that Google's success and popularity have played a part in this, however, the visual identity of the company has a large share in its worldwide fame.

Visual Identity

What is visual identity and why it is important for your business?

It may come to your mind this question: What's the difference between a visual identity, a logo and a brand? And the answer is Logo is part of the visual identity; has own company logo key and logos of other sub. While visual identity includes your company logo, colors, fonts and expressive about it and its goals and values, website design and even design clothes for the staff or the administration of the packing cases and crates.

Notice in our previous example about Google that all of the company's apps and websites have the same colors and fonts, such as, Google Map and Drive. On the other hand, the brand includes visual identity as well as motor or audio indicators and even values expressed by the company such as credibility or professionalism.

The importance of visual identity:

Every year companies spend thousands of dollars on designing and developing visual identity. hence what made visual identity so important?

Express your business.

Visual identity speaks for your business and communicates to customers the goals, values and vision of your business. It also tells people that you take your work seriously because it professionalizes the company or business and thus tells them that they can trust you.

It protects you legally.

The stores are filled with various goods that imitate the design of high-quality products in order to achieve higher sales, which damages the reputation of high-quality products. Therefore, designing and registering a distinctive visual identity in legal entities protects you from being caught in the risk of imitation and enables you to sue whoever steals your business design and damages your reputation.

Its power of impact.

When you choose a product from the shelves of the store, what is the first thing that attracts him, isn't design the packaging and colors and The Shape of the logo or the font used in them? It is necessary to create an attractive visual identity for the target group that reflects the identity of the business.

The elements of visual identity.

After knowing the importance of visual identity, you are no doubt wondering about the elements of visual identity and what it consists of. Before you start designing a visual identity, you need to identify the audience or the category that your business targets. The visual identity of a children's toy company, for example, will certainly differ from the identity of a beauty products company. The target audience in the first company is children, while in the second company they are women.

Then comes the role of defining the elements of visual identity where there are basic elements of visual identity design:

  • Logo: expresses your business and may consist of graphic form, text, or both

  • Colors: companies usually use a maximum of two or three colors and designers choose them very carefully if each color expresses a certain value. Red, for example, expresses excitement and excitement, while blue indicates calm and confidence.

  • Fonts: expression lines about a lot and have a key role in communicating with the public is also not recommended to use a large number of fonts in the design of the visual identity.

After choosing colors and fonts comes the rest of the items like website, prints and clothing.... etc.

Knowing the importance of visual identity and its impact on the promotion of your business, remember to be as simple and clear as possible in delivering your message to your target audience.

Do not hesitate to use UFUK Team to design the visual identity professional about your business and strengthen your brand in the market.

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