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Persuasion Skills: The Key to Success in The Labor Market

Persuasion skills are an important tool in all fields. The ability to influence others and make persuasive arguments is one of the most important skills that every successful employee should have.

In this article, we'll talk about the most important persuasion skills needed in the labor market and we will give you some tips on how to apply them properly and effectively.

Persuasion Skills

Definition of persuasion skills

Persuasion skills are defined as the set of skills in which you negotiate with another person to persuade them to carry out an action or agree to an idea. They are used in the labor market to sell products and increase productivity. An employee with strong skills can also positively influence others. So, the persuasion is valuable skill that can have a significant impact on the company in general.

The most important skills of persuasion.

Persuasion involves many skills of the most important:

Effective communication

communication skills are the foundation on which to build the rest of the negotiation skills. The goal of persuasion is to make others to think or behave in a certain manner; the fastest way to do that is to talk to them properly. Effective communication skills include self-confidence and eye contact and body language is an essential part of influencing skills that help build a close relationship with the person you are talking to and making it easier to convince.

Emotional intelligence

is an acquired skill that helps you perceive the listener's feeling and deal with it appropriately. So let's say you're trying to convince your co-worker to take on a new responsibility and you notice as you talk to him that his arms are crossed, avoids visual reach and his sentences are brief. By using emotional intelligence and observing these signals you can realize that he feels upset and scared. With knowing this much information, you will be able to use persuasion techniques to alleviate his fears and urge him to look from your point of view.

Listening skill

effective listening means respect for others and pay attention to their speech. Before you can convince a person, you will need to know their opinions and arguments. Moreover, enough time to talk and share ideas will help build trust and respect between the parties and will allow you to understand their motivations more, helping you form more compelling and effective arguments.

Using logic

before you convince the second party of an idea, you need to make him understand why that idea is a logical smart choice, and to show him that you need to use the information and facts that support your point of view. Logic thinking will help you form convincing arguments.

Tips for developing persuasion skills.

Of course, mastering persuasion skills takes time and effort, here are some tips to become a successful and persuasive speaker:

Focus on confidence building

Building trust is one of the most important elements of successful conversations. When people are required to change their opinions or plans, it is essential that they trust you. So, to enhance trust between the two parties you need to maintain a good reputation for yourself and your workplace and be willing to take the initiative and offer assistance. However, it is important to show complete confidence in yourself if you are struggling to speak confidently or in eye contact your listeners will have difficulty trusting.

Find common interests

When you start a conversation it's important to limit commonalities between you and your listeners. Focus on common goals and problems. Furthermore, finding something in common between the parties helps you build relationships and attracts the attention of your listeners.

Expand your network of relationships

Focus on building relationships between coworkers, managers and clients. Improving relationships with them will help you develop your emotional intelligence and effective communication skills. It can also save you new opportunities in professional development.

Choose the right place and time

One of the most important factors for having a successful and convincing conversation is the choice of the right place and time. It is necessary to choose the place of the listener feels comfortable whether in your office or in a cafe or even at home. It is also necessary to choose a time when both parties are not exposed to tension or urgency, such as, the beginning of the week or during the break.

There are many ways and skills to convince the other party what you want. Whether through logical arguments or using emotional impact and good communication. It is important for any successful employee to possess persuasion skills and to continue to use them and master them.

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