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Horizon headquarters

strategy of



A comprehensive media organization that works with efficiency, creativity and distinction, to provide integrated media and marketing services.


Upgrading the media, advertising and marketing work to suit all economic, community and cultural activities, and providing creative, professional services with high quality, reasonable prices and credibility at work.


Providing comprehensive, integrated media, advertising and marketing services suitable for all tastes, needs and specialties.

Achieving a logical profit based on the balance between the quality of the service provided, the market need, the level of the institution and its distinction.

Demonstrate the institution’s excellence through credibility in dealing, taking great care of the customer, and satisfying him in various ways.

Raising awareness of all economic, community and cultural actors about the importance of media and advertising work and its role in the renaissance and development.

Gathering Arab companies into official and organized entities and coordinating at the highest level among them.

Promoting the media, publishing and press movement in line with the changes of the era and the medium of modern technologies.

Presenting a high-end model for an Arab marketing media company, distinguished and professional, with a powerful, creative and creative performance.

Presenting a positive image of the Arab community in front of other societies, and working to establish bridges of communication with everyone.


Credibility: Because we are able to adhere to it at a time when credibility is almost lost.

Professionalism: which we derive from our strong management, our close studies, and the expertise of our carefully selected staff.

Quality: It is a result of the professionalism of our staff, the ingenuity of our employees, and our interest in our customers.

Excellence: which is the hallmark of our institution, with its relentless search for creative ideas, and its constant endeavor to break out of stereotypes.

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