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success story

Success story

With the displacement of Syrians with their investments and companies to Turkey, and the growth of many new companies in all their specialties in the Turkish diaspora, the need for emerging Syrian companies in Turkey to rely on the advertising and marketing industry has increased, especially with the major facilities granted to them in Turkey more than the motherland itself, and the growth of those Syrian companies in terms of quantity and quality. All of this has made Turkey a very fertile ground for advertising and marketing work, in addition to the growth of Arab companies in general, not only Syrian inside Turkish territory, and the Turkish companies' own need for the distinctive and clear creative touch of the Syrian advertising and marketing companies.

Accordingly, Syrian companies specializing in the field of media, advertising and marketing have appeared in Turkey, and have successfully practiced their work in some major Turkish cities that contain a large number of Syrian and Arab companies, and despite the emergence of dozens of companies that worked in this specialization, only a few of them were able to withstand Continuity, success and excellence, and the focus of these companies was in the undisputed financial and business capital of Turkey, namely (Istanbul), in addition to some cities that contain a density in the presence of Syrians and their companies, such as Gaziantep, Hatay, Mersin and Urfa.

In the city of Bursa, which has a dense Arab presence and huge and promising investment opportunities, no strong media companies have emerged to serve Arab investments and events in it, and here the idea of the UFUK Foundation was born to be the first Arab media institution of its kind in this regard in the city of Bursa, after a long series of dreams. Plans, struggles, joint efforts, and faltering attempts, the UFUK Foundation was born to turn the dream into reality, and to be responsible in providing high-quality media and marketing services to Arab companies, organizations and events of all kinds.

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