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About Ofoq Foundation

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The idea of the UFUK Foundation appeared to be the leading media institution and the first of its kind in the Turkish city of Bursa, due to the urgent need for the city to have such an institution, and because of a group of dreams, experiences and skills that came together in certain circumstances to generate the idea of this ambitious institution.

The importance of the UFUK Foundation is that it will be the first leading and professional Arab company in the city of Bursa, covering the media, advertising and marketing industry in that large city full of investment opportunities in various fields, and its importance lies in the well-defined and clear plan for its work, construction and structures, and the meeting of a number of selected antique experiences With care within her team, which will make it a unique work experience on all levels.

UFUK Foundation will provide all advertising, advertising and marketing services to all Arab companies spreading heavily in the city of Bursa recently, and its distinction will make it enter the Turkish market as well, and move later to all Turkish cities, and even to the Arab world and all parts of the world later within a specific methodology and a pre-school.

As a long-term view, UFUK also aims to be an institution concerned with press and publishing of all kinds, and to give the intellectual and cultural side special attention, to be the first Arab publishing house in the city of Bursa, and to make its mark also in the publishing industry with its modern concepts and the language of the age, and it is an industry with excellent investment income in A case studied and a plan prepared for it. UFUK also pays attention to all kinds of training and qualification aspects, in addition to supporting entrepreneurship and budding entrepreneurs financially and morally, and this will be part of its long-term plans.

The reason for the name "UFUK " is our long-term outlook, our absolute confidence in the following success, and our continuous look ahead regardless of the extent of difficulties. The name "UFUK " is also a common name between the Arabic and Turkish languages, and it is a suggestive, expressive, smooth and full of meanings, and is well suited to the field of work of the institution In the fields of media, marketing, press and publishing.

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