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Pioneering project
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The (Raed) project is the actual pioneering project and the first of its kind in Turkey and the Arab world! The project aims to train and nurture the young generation in general, and recent graduates in particular, on the principles and basics of the administrative system and modern institutional work, starting with the methods of personal marketing and applying for any job, and ending with work management and effective integration into any position, to extract the best of those young people, And to invest their expertise and energies in an optimal manner in line with contemporary changes in the labor market.

Starting from Turkey, and due to the presence of huge Arab communities in it, accompanied by a large number of Arab companies and a large number of Arab youth, the project started its activities from the neighboring cities of Istanbul and Bursa on the banks of the Marmara Sea in the far northwest of Turkey, which include a large number of Arab youth and a large number of Arab investments.

The project will work within a direct attendance training curriculum to provide an integrated path that begins with introducing young people to modern institutional work and ways to deal with it and effective integration into it. After that, the trainers will explain the basics of personal and institutional modern marketing and their latest technologies and how to use them regardless of the position or mission, and then the project will train the youth On the most important modern office software and ways to use it optimally to facilitate the tasks in a professional manner. At the end of the project, the trainees are subjected to a comprehensive exam, according to which they obtain an approved certificate that qualifies them to enter the modern labor market from its widest doors.

The (Raed) project is distinguished as the first of its kind in terms of the idea and the implementation environment, and its goal is to prepare and prepare Arab youth for modern institutional work, which will have a significant positive impact on the labor market and the renaissance of the region. Ofoq Foundation for Media, Marketing and Publishing has the honor to lead this pioneering project and manage all its activities with its efficient team and creative expertise.

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