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How do you define the target audience for your business?

Ramy has a bakery that makes gluten-free sweets and pastries, which are preferred by people with chronic digestive disorders. However, most of Rami's clients are normal people who do not suffer from any disease. And his bakery's frequent marketing campaigns have yielded little result.

Ramy decided to consult an expert in marketing, and the latter found that Rami's problem is not that it is difficult for people with intestinal disorders to reach his products, but rather the opposite is true! Rami's bakery does not have a clear idea of its target audience, and this is what led to the loss of money on marketing campaigns without interest.

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What is the target audience? What is its importance?

The target audience is the customers that your business is targeting, and whom you seek to gain interest and sell your services or products to.

The whole world cannot be your target audience, in the case of Rami's bakery, for example, it cannot attract customers who do not like pastries in the first place, as customers differ in several aspects such as interests, language or gender ... not to mention the money that will be wasted as a result of large marketing campaigns It reaches those who are not interested in it, and perhaps Rami's bakery does not have the appropriate equipment and supplies for a large segment of the target customers.

The importance of defining the target audience, then, is that it is the first and most important step of any marketing campaign, and it also reduces the expenses of marketing campaigns and helps you define your priorities.

How do you define the target audience?

There are several factors to determine the target audience, the most important of which are:

Demographic factors: such as age, gender, social and educational level, physical condition, and also geographical areas.

Interests: The target audience may have the same interests and activities, or they may be interested in certain personalities or brands.

Behaviors: Your audience might go to the same places, follow the same programs or pages on the Internet, or play the same sport.

Several methods can be used to determine the target audience for your business, such as monitoring your competitors and other commercial activities that are similar to yours, and defining the characteristics of your products or services greatly helps in knowing your customers. As in the case of Rami's bakery, whose products are distinguished by being gluten-free, or if you are, for example, running a distance education project, your services will be directed to students according to the nature of the lessons and their price ...

What are the types of target audiences?

Fans have two types: primary and secondary.

The primary target audience: they are the most important customers, who achieve the highest percentage of sales and thus the priority of marketing campaigns goes to them. In the case of Rami's bakery, the main target audience is people with chronic digestive disorders who eat gluten-free pastries the most.

As for the secondary target audience: They are a group of people who are likely to be interested in your business but who may not be your most important customers. For example, many people without digestive disorders buy Ramy Bakery Sweets, but in smaller quantities than people who do not consume gluten. They hardly ever visit the bakery again.

The target audience does not have to remain static, as it may change in many ways, such as geographic regions or interests, and by working to improve your target audience, your business will improve.

Ramy was able to accurately determine his target audience, and with the help of a marketing expert, he created a social media marketing campaign directed at the target segment. It was only a few months ago that Rami’s bakery became popular among patients with irritable bowel syndrome who came to buy gluten-free pastries and sweets, and Rami’s bakery reaped double the profits from its marketing campaigns.

Knowing the importance of identifying a target audience for a business, do not hesitate to start researching the characteristics of your target customers.

The process may cost some effort, but in return, you will get more profits and awareness of your business. Do not hesitate to consult the UFUK team and we will help you as soon as possible!

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