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Your Guide to Personal Marketing

Email marketing has become an indispensable necessity in our time whether for marketing to startups or big brands; however, amid the huge amount of content that aims to reach as many audiences as possible. Traditional methods of digital marketing are becoming boring, repetitive and unattractive to many users.

Companies need to customize the customers experience and approach each customer individually and communicate with him in a way that he feels that the company cares about him as an individual and not as a number among the statistics, a strategy known as “personal marketing”.

In this guide, we will talk about personal marketing and its importance, benefits and trends, we will also offer you some tips on practicing personal marketing professionally, so stay with us!

What is personal marketing?

Is to provide a unique customer experience for each individual customer through communicating them by their names and offering marketing suggestions which is related to their interests. Besides, by taking advantages of the data collected from customers who contacted the company, these data include interest, marketing preferences, purchase history and other.

Personal marketing is more than just adding the name of the customer to the marketing email that is sent to all customers, it consists of achieving to the right person with the right message and in time.

How does personal marketing work?

It has become a reality in recent years when marketers realize data power. By collecting data on customer behavior and habits, it is possible to analyze points such as:

  1. Pages visited by the customer.

  2. The products that he saw the last bookstore he visited.

  3. Ads that have been interacted with and clicked on more than the other.

  4. Time spent by the customer browsing specific pages.

  5. Related interests.

Tracking customer habits and activity on social media and websites has become indispensable for all behavioral data.

The next steps are to convert data into information and create more accurate visualizations, including:

  • What products the customer is interested in?

  • What are main interests when they visit company websites?

  • What to look for in online stores?

  • What price range are they looking for?

Personal marketing becomes easier after analyzing this accurate information as the customer becomes more satisfied, which makes personal marketing king in the world of marketing in the present day.

Personal marketing trends

The impact of personal marketing on the forms of communication with customers; the following are some of the trends of personal marketing that companies have become following with the customers:

1. Custom email messages

The probability of customers opening custom mail messages increases by %29

2. Targeted rebates

Getting a discount within an hour of interacting with a brand can help increase brand loyalty.

3. Less public ads

Consumers have become increasingly less accepting following the advent of personalized marketing and the increasing proportion of shoppers responding to marketing when it is tailored to their interests only.

Personal Marketing

The importance of personal marketing

The following statistics in the USA show the importance of personal marketing:

  • Thanks to %75 customers buying from the brand that use personal marketing.

  • %52 of customers assume that all brand promotions and messages follow a personal marketing approach.

  • %97 markets saw a rise in business results as a result of the use of personal marketing.

  • %70 companies that used personal marketing received a return on investment by %200.

  • %63 personal marketing noted increased customer interactions and thus led to better conversion rates.

  • %51 marketers confirmed that personal marketing across multiple communication domains increased ROI by %300 or more.

What are the benefits of personal marketing?

If personal marketing is done correctly, the profit will be shared by both companies and customers.

The benefits of personal marketing:

1) Satisfying customer experience.

The more we feel someone understands our needs, the more we trust them to solve our problems; as such, personal marketing works when you offer customers the experience of personal marketing they understand that you understand their problems and this makes the entire customer journey easy as it transforms the purchase process from (transaction) to (relationship).

During the construction of this relationship the customer learns to trust you and will always return to you.

2) Increase customer loyalty.

Maybe you will realize how important customer happiness is when you know that 65% of the business comes from repeat customers. Personal marketing can greatly contribute to customer loyalty. According to statistics, 40% said they would become permanent customers for Companies that use personal marketing.

3) Improved marketing ROI.

Marketing investments should be carefully managed. The budget for emerging brands is often not large; therefore, any misplaced investment can lead to dangerous consequences. Contrary to what you suggest, marketing campaigns that do not have a clear targeting. It aims to reach the largest possible audience and leads to lower conversion rates; thus, exorbitant amounts will be spent for little revenue.

Improving ROI is what every marketing team strives for; one of the best ways to achieve this goal is: personalized marketing because investing to get one new customer at a time costs less and the chance of success is greater.

4) Increase sales.

Although increased sales are the result of positive marketing campaigns. However, sales may not be the main goal of campaigns, but the end result. In order to achieve this, advertising and discounts are not enough to reach as many people as possible, so it is necessary to reach those who are looking for what you want to sell.

According to Mckinsey & Company, one of the largest producers of marketing pearls in the world, personal marketing can increase sales by 10% or more.

How to create a successful personal marketing strategy?

Now that you have covered everything related to personal marketing, it is time to start your personal marketing strategy with your customers, follow these steps:

Create a personal marketing team.

To develop a comprehensive personal marketing plan, you need a team of skilled specialists composed of experts in technology and information analysis, experts in dealing with customers and asking appropriate questions and in addition to marketing campaign designers who have experience in personal marketing.

Collect information about customers but respect their privacy.

We mentioned earlier that the clients themselves want to have personal experiences, but many are wary of posting their personal information on the internet. Remember that you follow the data that will allow you to provide the best experience for your customers. Moreover, instead of simply adding the words “we care about your privacy” to the customer email, attach a detailed leaflet explaining how you use customer data and what you will receive in return.

Choose where you will pursue your personal marketing strategy.

You can use personal marketing in several platforms, you can also send email to customers automatically. It all depends on the security that your customers spend their time in, use the data collected by the team to determine the optimal locations.

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