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Integrated Marketing Campaign Guide

Mr. Fadi was extremely surprised. Although he prepared marketing plan to pursue specialized selling children's clothes, the company did not achieve any increase in sales for more than six months and found himself in a dangerous situation that may cause his project failure unless action is taken to an emergency. However, he didn't know where the problem in his work. He consulted with UFUK's shopping experts and briefed him on the flaws in his marketing plan. It is true that Mr.Fadi drew up a marketing plan for his store but did not carry out any marketing campaign to realize his company's vision.

Marketing campaign

What is the marketing campaign and how important it is and what the difference between marketing plan and how planning and managing it?

Marketing campaign definition

Protection can be defined marketing as an organized group of activities aimed at promoting a product or service. Therefore, the marketing campaign uses a range of channels and means to reach its target audience such as visual, audio, read and electronic media in particular as we live in an age when social media has become a part of life.

The difference between a marketing campaign and a marketing plan

Marketing campaign works to achieve the basic goal of the marketing plan during a specified time period؛ to benefit from elements of the marketing plan, for instant, if the goal of marketing campaign is to increase the sales of one product can refer to the marketing plan to address the target group, etc. Thus, the marketing plan serves as the integrated marketing system of the company, which includes marketing campaigns of various types and objectives.

The goal of the Fadi's campaign was to increase the sales of his store specialized in children's clothing؛ when he returned to the marketing plan he found that the target group here is often the category of mothers. Also, he discovered that his competitors do not excel in quality and price, but in their use of marketing skills he did not.

Importance of marketing campaign

If you want your company or your project to success, indispensable marketing campaign. The public will not commit to a product or service unless it is marketed properly. Also, it is not enough to put a marketing campaign within the overall marketing plan, but should be planned marketing campaign and target them.

Marketing campaign planning

One of the characteristics of a successful marketing campaign is that it catches the eye of customers on a large scale and this highlights the identity of the company and defines it with its products and services and enhances communication links with the public.

It is also not required that the budget of the marketing campaign be high in order to achieve the desired success, but perhaps the opposite is true, and it is important here that the campaign fits the budget allocated to it while continuing to follow the progress of the campaign steps. This highlights the importance of planning in organizing and implementing the proposed marketing activities in order to achieve the objectives of the campaign in the best possible way.

Here are three keys factors to start planning that business owners should always be aware of:

1. Study of customers and their behavior

Although the idea of the marketing campaign to all the world's a tempting idea in theory, but it is not possible practically, the marketing campaign successful and planned well be present all offers specific features and well thought out, and the risk of their language and content appropriate to them, based to choosing the right time and place to launch a marketing campaign.

Hance, how is customer behavior studied? Platform interaction ratio studies can provide us with crucial data on the message that should be sent to potential customers. Mr. Fadi discovered that he can narrow the circle of his target customers, so he decided to direct his campaign to the category of working mothers by creating slogans that encourage mothers to choose to shop from his store, and it helped him that his store is located in an area that contains a lot of companies, working mothers can save time and buy their children some clothes.

2. Define marketing objectives

Big ambitions are beauteous, but we should be aware that the marketing campaign relies on gradually achieving small goals in order to achieve one big goal.

3. Choosing the right delivery channels

The choice of channels or plug or promote appropriate closely related to the target audience, and the budget allocated for the marketing campaign, preferably diversification in the promotion channels to reach the largest possible segment of customers and attract more new customers. Divided promotion to promote traditional; i.e., through print ads in magazines, newspapers, and murals, in addition to rent television, while believed to promote digital platform several as social media, websites, blogging, advertising, email inside the app, depend marketing campaign successful merger between the two types to suit the target audience and the budget for the campaign.

Mr. Fadi have chosen to settle with two methods. spread on the fashion magazines and settled electronically through the application "Facebook" after I proved the statistics that most residents of the city by using this app more than others.

The marketing team at Ufuk Foundation organized a marketing campaign for Fadi company aimed at reaching the category of working mothers and increasing the percentage of the company's sales and attracting new customers, and the campaign schedule was set so that the percentage rises within six months of the launch of the campaign, the campaign has achieved the goal successfully. Today, Fadi has permanent clients who are confident in his company and the services it provides to customers.

How about you? Did you take advantage of the article? Are you also having problems setting up a marketing plan or starting a promotional marketing campaign for your business? All you need to do is communicate with the team of UFUK Foundation through our different platforms.
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