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Increase sales and how to achieve it in your business?

Kareem could not find the reason that prevents him from making more profits at his company which he created about two years ago for the production and sale of dairy. The work was going well; however, Kareem was hoping to achieve bigger profits particularly two years after the project.

Kareem asked UFUK organization, so we explained to him that the best way to achieve extra profits is increase sales and that he must build a sales increase plan to increase the profits of his company.

Increase sales

What is a sales increase? It is a plan that consists of a set of measures including product promotion or service based on customer needs.

How to build sales increase strategy?

Sales increase strategy is consisting of four main elements. These elements help you comprehending you customers in a better way to know how you will successfully follow your products, and these elements are:

1. Product

It evaluates all aspects of your product or service including brand name, packaging, production costs and discover areas to improve.

2. Price

Compare prices of your competitors with yours and adjust your prices if needed; select the payment methods you will accept (cash, cheque or money order).

3. Promotion

Even if you produce a great product, it is necessary to plan how to promote it and attract customers to it.

Smart ways to sales increase

Here’s some ways to apply sales increase plane on your business and achieve your goals:

Focus on one aim

If you aim to increase sales in your company, it is useful to focus each period on one achievable goal such as increase sales for visitors of the company’s website by providing them with a “discount code”.

Acknowledge your customers

Your customers are extremely important. At the end of the day, you will sale them your products to meet their needs and help them solve a problem. Hence, you have to involve them in making the product. Speak with your customers, listen to their thoughts and interests and understand their needs and desire. Make sure to gain their loyalty so they and to remain permanent customer and bring you more customers.

Make your work a focus

When you talk with customers about your product and service, tall them about advantages of your products and the impact of their interests to learn more about it. A sales funnel model will help you to know the stags that the customer is going through along the procurement phase so that you can work to improve his experience at every stage and earn him as a permanent customer.

Build a marketing plan

Whether you were managing a company or small shop or service through internet, marketing is essential to make customers aware of your business and through various marketing channels, including: social media marketing (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram), email marketing and other.

Price your products correctly

Product pricing is a key factor in increasing sales. Price your product to match the purchasing power of your customers and learn about the market and the factors that will affect the price of your product; moreover, do not forget that your last aim is to achieve profit.

There are numerous of pricing methods such as competitive pricing, extra cost pricing, individual value pricing, etc. choose what suits you.

Offer rebates

Rebates are fabulous way to attract customers and achieve more sales. Here are some ways to offer rebates:

  • Special offers: such as buying two pieces at the price of one piece or getting another free piece or gift.

  • Sell range of products at a special price: to have a common denominator that ensures customer comfort and extra value.

  • Distribution of vouchers: vouchers with special offers can be distributed via e-mail or in the form of reality cards.

Kareem has developed a plan to increase sales with UFUK organization help, so this time he interested in marketing through social media and provide special offers during the holidays and free delivery services. Besides, he learned about his company’s strength and weaknesses and what it correspond to his competitors in the market; this helped him to make more profit in the following half year than in the previous two years.

We are keen at UFUK organization to provide advertising, marketing and content industry services in accordance with international quality standards to make your brand shine in the world of business. Contact us to learn more about our services!

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