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What is the target audience and how to identify it?

A target audience means a group of consumers who are behavioral and belong to a specific demographic. The target audience has a significant influence on decisions about marketing strategy, such as money that spent on advertising, how to attract customers and even how products are made and packaged.

Audience targeting is depending on segmenting consumers based on demographic data such as age, average income, interests, location and gender. Using marketing psychology and the buyer's journey in the sales funnel.

target audience

What is the difference between the target market and the target audience?

Many confuse the terms target market and target audience; the fact is that here we are talking about two concepts not only one.

Both of them share the idea of dividing customers into groups and studying how to market products and services to them.

However, the target market is the largest and most general picture of the marketing process, for example, the target market of a company is employees who are between the ages of 25 and 35 years old, while the target audience is employees who live in Istanbul and their ages range from 25 and 35 years old.

How to determine the target audience?

Here are some tools and procedures by which you can determine the target audience:

1. Use Google Analytics

It is a great and comprehensive marketing analysis tool for websites. It gives you demographic details about your audience (age, gender, location) and their interests. This information will help you determine the target audience.

2. Create a buyer persona to improve blog content

What is the personality of the buyer It is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your current customers?

When creating a buyer's personality, consider including customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. The more detailed you are, the better. This will help you attract the audience you are writing for and try to attract them to read articles on the blog.

3. Check out social media analytics

When and where followers interact with you most on social media? Is it when you post a funny post on Twitter? Or when you post a vote on Instagram? Answering these questions will help you discover the content that your audience is interested in, identify the target audience accurately and then target it through the content.

Each platform has its own audience and content type, for example, young people prefer to use Twitter while older people tend to use facebook. On the content side, Twitter relies on tweets and short videos, while you can post a longer section on Facebook and longer posts. Instagram is a platform based mainly on visual content. It is essential to know the right content for each platform and plan your marketing campaign based on it.

4. Use Facebook Insight

If you have a Facebook page Facebook insight a great tool for you! The tool works similarly to Google Analytics and gives you for free! Huge collection of ideas to attract the target audience. The tool also informs you about the locations of visitors to your page, their demographic data, the best time to publish content and a host of other useful tools in determining the target audience.

5. Check site performance

Keep an eye on the points where your site is performing best and performing worst. Your website is the interface of your company to a large number of target audiences. That is why you have to identify the content that interests them and offer more of it to attract them.

When you identify blog content that has a high number of visits and readings. You can "filter" unimportant content and focus on important content. For example, if your blog articles about email marketing are getting a lot of readership, share their links on social media to expand reach rates.

6. Engage with your audience on social media

It is essential to interact with your social media followers. Do you remember when we talked about the personality of the buyer? this is a real model in front of you! They are the followers! It is important to be present on social media. Ask your followers what they want to see and use the features of each platform such as Instagram Stories and do not ignore the importance of calling for action (Call to Action) as it encourages followers to share and interact.

Take care! Whether you get positive or negative feedback, you are a winner, all of it is information that will help you attract more audiences.

Direct access to those interested in your product or service means you earn more money. So, before you decide what your message is and how to deliver it, you need to understand who will receive it. Then work on delivering an impactful message to the audience to create a link between you and them.

Identifying the target audience is a key step when preparing a marketing plan and your brand deserves to reach the one who really deserves it, and this is what we work on at UFUK media & publishing: we deliver your message to the right audience. Contact our sales team via WhatsApp to learn more about our media service!

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