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Dhad project
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It is the word ... and its incomparable charm in every time and place, and the temptation of its creation that burns with firefly from a pen or a computer keyboard! And because the word is sacred, and because it is beautiful, and because it has an eternal, captivating and different dimension in our ancient and strong language...  The beautiful ... the language of Dhad ... For that in the first place, the Dhad project was born.

The Dhad project is a comprehensive intellectual project based on blogging in the Arabic language in all cultural, literary and scientific fields. It opens the way for all intellectuals to contribute to the provision of valuable Arabic content on the World Wide Web, and provides them with a free, professional and attractive platform to host and publish their content as widely as possible. and pass it on to those who are interested.

The Dhad project also encourages all young writers and thinkers to submit and give in the field of writing in all its forms, embrace their talents and potentials, and connect them with trainers, mentors and content developers to raise their capabilities and sharpen their talents.

In addition to all of that, the project hosts periodic university forums that bring together writers, word makers and thinkers, to exchange knowledge and opinions, and to create a positive intellectual atmosphere that recharges our language and our intellectual and cultural stock with what it deserves of momentum and depth.

The Dhad project is the project of the free Arabic word ... creative ... and authentic in everything! It is a project to resurrect the originality of the antidote and its brilliance, and an attempt to restore its worthy place among the languages of thought, creativity and the eternal human heritage.

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