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Podcast station 963
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As long as your voice is heard... as long as it reaches everyone... you exist, you are alive, and you are able to change! So imagine as long as this sound came from a place bearing the number 963! Does this number remind you of something? Does it make you nostalgic? Did you live this number and know what it means to tremble before you when you see it or hear it? Have you tried before today to call or text with a Syrian phone number? So you know what we're talking about.

Station 963 is a podcast (or podcast if you like) project concerned with bringing the voice of Syrian youth and Syrian intellectuals to the whole world! After this authentic voice was absent a lot in the crowd of conflicts, the blackness of interests and the shallowness of trivialities. And what would be better, faster, and easier than audio access? Carry all your thoughts on the magical sound mat, and release them into space for all to hear.

Why podcast? Podcasting, audio broadcasting, or podcasting is one of the new digital media, which is the use of a multimedia series or audio episodes, which can be subscribed to or followed so that the subscriber is notified when any update is published, and the subscriber can download the episode and listen to it or watch it without an Internet connection, as well as He can follow and listen directly without downloading the episode, as each file in the podcast is called an episode, and it can be stored on a PC or phone, and then transferred to any media player and listened to at any time without the need for an Internet connection.

The (963) project will provide the digital space with rich and unique audio content, by opening the way for Syrian and Arab youth and thinkers to launch, express and communicate their ideas to the world, and even open the way for interaction between them and other ideas everywhere.

There's a unique sound coming, and strong! It is the sound that comes from station 963 ... and we can assure you, that there is no sound like it anywhere in this world! Neither hypothetically, nor realistically, nor even in the imagination of any other society.

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