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What is service marketing? And do you need it in your work?

When marketing is mentioned, common perception is towards product promotion services which aims at persuading the public to buy the product. Hence, did you know that there is another type of marketing that may continue beyond the customer's purchase of the product and focus on intangible elements that cannot be touched or seen? It is the marketing of services, which is the subject of our article for today.

service marketing

What is service marketing?

It is a marketing strategy that promotes intangible things that a company offers to customers in order to create a positive impression of the brand.

Companies and service sectors need to market services, for example, if a company specializing in application programming creates a food delivery app that connects restaurants and customers, this is a type of service marketing.

Combining service marketing and product marketing

The difference between services marketing and product marketing is that the products are tangible while services are intangible. It is commonly believed that marketing products is easier because products are viewable and tactile, making it easier for the public to understand their value and the benefit it will offer them. But it is not that easy, there is necessary to combine the marketing services and marketing products to get the best response by the target audience; it can be difficult to show the value of services because they are not visible or tactile. However, it is essential to build good relationships with the target audience and build trust; you not only offer them products, but also brand personality.

Types of marketing services:

There are three main types of marketing services, which is:

1. Corporate marketing for B2C customers

This is also known as the traditional customer service that companies provide to their customers and includes communications, hospitality, financial services and maintenance.

2. Corporate marketing for B2B companies

Many companies offer customized services for companies and organizations including technology, finance, travel and E-Marketing Services.

3. After-purchase services

This type includes additional and complementary services that some companies provide with the basic product or the basic services that they sell, including warranty services, customer support and free maintenance, and these services are often the reason for purchasing the basic product! For example: which one do you prefer to buy? A phone with a two-year warranty or a phone without any warranty?

Characteristics of service marketing

Services that are marketed in this area have different characteristics than products, they are:

1. Intangible

Services are immaterial as opposed to products that can be seen and touched, which makes the approach to marketing services different from marketing products.

2. It cannot be owned.

Services cannot be owned but can only be tried and this is related to the customer's experience; you may own part of the service such as an invoice, but you cannot own it as a product.

3. It cannot be stored.

The marketing of services depends on the current moment, in other words, on the creation and use of services at the same moment. Services cannot be stored like products, but they are produced and used at the same time.

4. Volatile

Services vary in nature depending on people, situation, type of work, etc. Unlike standardized products, in the marketing of services, each customer gets a different experience even though the service provided is the same.

5. It expires quickly

Unlike products that can be stored for a certain time, services are consumed at the moment they are provided; however, this does not apply to all services, some may have validity such as one or two years’ warranty services.

Now you know that marketing is not just product marketing, so you should not lose sight of the importance of service marketing in gaining customers' trust and ensuring that they continue to engage with your company.

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