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Whatever you want

Build a brand

or produce creative content

or implement a marketing campaign

All your solutions are with UFUK

Digital marketing
Advertising and Content Production

Creative advertising and advertising services for companies and events

Producing content of all kinds in a distinct and professional manner

Publishing and Marketing

Electronic publishing services for books and periodicals

Multitasking professional email marketing

Press and Media

Multidisciplinary periodical press releases

Various media services for all goals

Visit the Gallery of  UFUK 

Now you can visit UFUK works exhibition

Which includes samples of the Foundation's work

In some fields of journalism, informational and propaganda

This is in order for you to get a simple initial idea of the distinguished creativity of UFUK

However ... rest assured that this is not all ... we still have a lot to offer

Our organization helps you create professional marketing content
We offer you the best solutions in the world of media, marketing and publishing

Whatever your commercial, societal or intellectual activity

UFUK is completely ready to give another creative dimension to your activity or events

Through a wide, large and unique package of design, marketing and content production services

Ready on
around the clock

Through our website

And all of our knowledge on the communication platforms

In addition to the telephone and postal communication channels with us

We are available daily around the clock to serve you and communicate


UFUK Philosophy is based

To provide the best service in terms of

Quality, professionalism and credibility in dealing

Corona at a very competitive price for that high value


UFUK Foundation team works

To provide the best possible level

Of quality and professionalism for all services

Provided by the institution in all fields

The most important periodicals and media projects of UFUK
Dhad project
Podcast station 963
Ofoq Studies
Watan Post
Pioneering project

سبعة قيم فريدة تتميز بها مؤسسة أفــق !

1. كـفـالـة تقديم خدمات استشارية لما بعد البيع ولمدى الحياة.
2. ضــمـان خلال أول شهر لاسترداد كافة المبالغ المدفوعة في حال عدم الرضا عن الأداء والخدمة.
3. تقسيط قيمة العقد الإجمالية على دفعات شهرية مريحة للعميل.
4. إراحـــة العميل من عناء اتخاذ القرار بفضل مهاراتنا في الدراسة والتحليل واحترافيتنا في العمل.
5. جــمــع أكبر عدد من التخصصات الاحترافية في فريق واحد وعقد واحد.
6. أكــبــر خطة استشارية (كمّاً ونوعاً) لإنتاج وإدارة الأصول الرقمية.
7. رؤيــــة استراتيجية بعيدة المدى تقدمها إليك خطتنا المتكاملة بما يضمن لك الاستمرارية والتفوق.

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Since Founding on 1/11/2018









Abdul Salam Al Hussein

Abdul Salam Al Hussein

I highly recommend dealing with UFUK Corporation in the field of preparing and implementing comprehensive marketing plans. I have relied on UFUK in many of my marketing campaigns, and I achieved very remarkable success with them.

Rand Abdel Karim

Rand Abdul Karim

In my company, we dealt with the UFUK repeatedly in designing our marketing campaigns, and we have relied on them in the first place in designing our brand and building our electronic platforms effectively and creatively.

Rashid Al Sheikh

Rashid Al Sheikh

Rarely did you find an institution that combined creativity, professionalism and credibility, such as the UFUK, it helped me produce digital content for my organization, and also provided us with many valuable studies and plans.

Phone Number

+90 534 822 30 68   |   +90 552 606 22 70

+90 531 246 74 23   |   +90 536 221 53 10

Working Hours

Everyday: from 10 am 

Until 6 pm

We offer our services to all companies in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and all Arab companies around the world 

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