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Mistakes spoil motion graphic videos!

The most innovative kind of visual advertising is motion graphic videos, and if it is made well, it will have a hugely beneficial impact on your project. In this article, we'll show you 5 motion graphic movie blunders that you should avoid and how to fix them.

What mistakes may be made when creating, developing, and editing a motion graphics film? Making a motion graphic video is similar to working with a complete orchestra in that one faulty instrument will ruin the entire production and render the efforts of the other parties ineffective. How do you prevent it, too?

1. Overloading motion graphic video with data

A clear message must be balanced between animation and voiceover since the motion graphics film interacts with the viewer through both sight and sound. However, these aspects must serve the message and not the other way around.

Avoid including too many dull facts in the video to keep the viewers interested and motivated to learn more about you and complete the action you will want of them at the conclusion, such as visiting your website or getting in touch with you.

And there are various options if the message you want to express must include a lot of information, including lengthening the video or dividing it into several parts.

2. Combining lots of graphic styles into one video

To create a motion graphics film today, you may select from a wide variety of graphic styles. However, you may come across videos that combine many graphic types into one since the brand was unable to adequately express itself, leading to a chaotic and inconsistent video.

However, as we already mentioned, Motion Graphics is primarily related to the sense of sight, and since you only have a few minutes (and occasionally seconds) to project your brand identity to the audience, the audience will automatically associate the quality of the video with the caliber of your company.

To ensure that the visuals in the videos are appropriately tied to your company's vision and visual identity as well as the message you want to get over to the audience, you should review your company's mission, visual identity, and website.

3. Adding a lot of text to the video

There's no denying that adding text to a video in the right places can help draw attention to certain elements you want to emphasize and highlight keywords. However, this technique should only be used sparingly because overloading the video with text will make it obscure the graphics and cause viewers to become distracted.

The visual balance is the main problem. There is no need to include texts at all if the movie has a lot of characters and animations but doing so makes the film more interesting and engaging if it is not overrun with moving objects.

There are other more effective ways to convey a lot of information, such using narration and subtitles, which both improve the video's substance without overpowering the visuals.

4. A video with an unclear or missing script

It is essential to have a precisely defined screenplay before beginning any motion graphic video production since a lack of clarity may generate several misunderstandings between the video design team and the client.

Let's look at two entirely different—yet incorrect—examples. The first is "a lady at work." Just! We don't know anything about that workplace, the other characters, the marketing message, or the setting.

Second example: "A blonde lady in her thirties sits at her beautiful desk with her Mac computer, facing the Eiffel Tower, wearing a black and white work suit and high heel shoes."

This scenario is likewise incorrect since it gives the motion graphic designer no space for creativity while giving a ton of facts that still don't reveal anything about the marketing message or the setting of the tale.

How should a video script be written properly? Concentrate solely on the specifics necessary to convey the marketing message; leave the other aspects to the designer's imagination. Remain in close communication with the designer to discuss any adjustments you would like to make before the final product is delivered.

5. Inconsistency between the audio and the video sequence

The voiceover must be distributed in accordance with what is happening in the motion pictures while creating the screenplay, and this is done in concert with the complete video production crew. It is believed that every 150 words equals to a minute of video.

Make sure that each step in the film takes the right amount of time, even if you decide to exclude the audio commentary. For instance, the scenario of signing a contract and shaking hands afterwards needs adequate time to emphasize its importance. In place of voiceover, the film might also include music.

You've probably observed that creating a motion graphic video needs similar steps to creating a film, including doing a case study, writing a script, creating and animating characters, adding voices, and voiceover. At UFUK, we provide all of these services and more.

You don't need to look elsewhere if you want to create a motion graphic film since UFUK has everything you require. Our qualified staff will work to best showcase your brand and visual identity in the motion graphic video and convey your marketing message. Contact us right now!

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